Preview of “Scripture and the State” Panel

Preview of “Scripture and the State” Panel

Scripture and the State

Ben Dillon“Squelching the Double Vision: Hobbes’s Subversion of Sola Scriptura

Ben Dillon of Duke University will present an examination of two cases of Thomas Hobbes’s controversial exegesis in his masterpiece Leviathan that have profound political implications: his treatment of the term “spirit,” which issues in the denial of any incorporeal substance; and his account of martyrdom, which effectively renders true martyrdom impossible. The effect of these exegetical moves is, first, to deny any spiritual realm beyond the material; and second, to render all claims by clergy to authority over citizens’ bodies illegitimate; combined, they serve to bolster his claims for absolute civil sovereignty, all while appealing to the Protestant principle of sola scriptura.

 Meg Stapleton Smith“Vision of Hope: Scripture in the Context of the Salvadoran Civil War”

Meg Stapleton Smith of Yale Divinity School will present an examination of the ways Scripture was utilized as a way to justify the violent acts of the Salvadoran government, as well as critically examine how Scripture became a source of inspiration within the Christian Base Communities to authenticate and validate the humanity and faith of the poor. Ultimately, Scripture was weaponized within the context of the Salvadoran Civil War to be both a modicum of violent governmental rationale, as well as a vehicle of expression for the poor’s national liberation, economic amelioration, and spiritual enlightenment.


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