“Weaponizing Scripture?” Finalized Conference Schedule

“Weaponizing Scripture?” Finalized Conference Schedule

When does scripture serve as a resource for or against the communities that are formed by it? 

How is it instrumentalized for formational, popular, political, and/or polemical agendas?

How does scripture transform the character of the debates and purposes for which it is deployed?

Weaponizing Scripture? Flyer
Click on the poster above for a printable PDF version.

Sunday, March 22nd
Nau Hall 342 (unless otherwise noted)

12:00 pm — Registration and Opening Reception

12:30 pm — Introduction

12:45 pm — Panel 1: “Scripture and the Passions” 

⇒David Priddy, Wake Forest University – “Satiating and Starving the Yahwistic Imagination: The Weaponization of Food in the Elijah Cycle”

⇒Michael Carlson, Yale Divinity School – “The Violence of Shame: Sexuality and Luke 17:21 in Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Blankets”

⇒Sunil Kumar Yadav, University of Chicago Divinity School – “Mangalasutta: A Buddhist Blessing Persecuting Muslims in Myanmar”

Respondent: Peter Ochs, Department of Religious Studies

2:45 pm — Break

3:00 pm — Text Study

4:00 pm — Panel 2:  “Scripture and the State”

⇒Khadeega M. Gafar, American University of Cairo 

⇒Ben Dillon, Duke University – “Squelching the Double Vision: Hobbes’s Subversion of Sola Scriptura”

⇒Meg Stapleton Smith, Yale Divinity School – “Vision of Hope: Scripture in the Context of the Salvadoran Civil War”

Respondent: Shankar Nair, Department of Religious Studies

6:00 pm — Break

6:15 pm — Plenary Address by Ambassador Aref Nayed
“Scriptures As Operational Artifacts”
Location: Nau Lecture Hall 101, Open to the Public

8:00 pm — Dinner
Location: Nau Hall Manley Commons, Limited to Conference Participants and Invited Guests

Monday, March 23rd
Nau Hall 342 (unless otherwise noted)

9:00 am — Coffee and Pastries

9:30 am — Panel 3: “Scripture and Subversion”

⇒Valerie Landfair, Regent School of Divinity – “An African-American Pentecostal Reading of Hagar: Through the Aesthetics of Silence and the Politics of Recognition”

⇒Mark James, University of Virginia – “Origen, Power, and the Naturalness of Names”

⇒Ezra Blaustein, University of Chicago Divinity School – “The Hermeneutics of an Outsider: Torah, New Testament, and Quran in Simon Duran’s Bow and Shield”

⇒Ardaine Gooden, Howard University School of Divinity – “Male Violence: A Biblical Exploration of Male Rape and Sexual Assault”

Respondent: Maurice Wallace, Department of English

11:45 am — Lunch

1:15 pm — Panel 4:  “Scripture – Who’s In? Who’s Out?”

⇒Mitchell Chillcot, Duke Divinity School – “(De)weaponizing Scripture at Qumran”

⇒Matthew Goldstone, New York University – “Three Models of Wielding Lev. 19:17 in Antiquity”

⇒Christine Landau, University of Virginia – “In the interests of peace: Jews, gentiles and land management in Mishnah Peah”

⇒Evan Anhorn, Boston University – “Revealed Words and Subjunctive Worlds: The Uncreated Qur’an and the Order Transforming Power of God’s Speech”

Respondent: Elizabeth Shanks Alexander, Department of Religious Studies

3:30 pm — Text Study
Location: Gibson 441

4:30 pm — Closing Reception
Location: Gibson 441


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