Schedule of Events 2014

Public Scripture: Reading Out of Context

The 2014 Graduate Colloquium in Scripture, Interpretation, and Practice

Ern Commons
March 30th-31st

Sunday, March 30th

1:00 pm Registration/Reception

2:00 pm Introduction

2:30 pm Panel 1: Public Scripture: Case Studies

The Public Use of Scripture in Reggae Music — Randy R. Goldson, Yale Divinity School

Scripture in the Public Forum: The Fuller-Wayland Lettersand the Debate Over Domestic Slavery — Kristofer Roberts, Emory University

Breaking the Backbone of Oppressive Power: King, the State, and the Wrath of God — Thomas P. Dixon, Princeton Theological Seminary

Does God Hate Shrimp: Reflections on a hermeneutical trope in the public sphere — Emily Filler, University of Virginia

Respondent: Ahmed H. al-Rahim, University of Virginia

4:30 pm Text Study

6:00 pm Plenary: “Come and Hear”: Come to the Public Square. Bring your Book —Laurie Zoloth, Northwestern University

8:00 pm Buffet Dinner

Monday, March 31st

9:00 am Coffee/Pastries

9:30 am Panel 2: Scripture and Theory

Hasdai Crescas, Grounds for assertions about God, and the philosophical use of scripture — Miriam Fenton, Cambridge University

 Scripture as approximate philosophy: Averroes’ harmonization of the relationship between scripture and philosophy — Nauman Faizi, University of Virginia

Authenticity and the Second Coming: Kierkegaard, Heidegger,and Rabbi Soloveitchik — Daniel Herskowitz, Hebrew University

The Difficulty of Translation — Paul Gleason, University of Virginia

Respondent: Peter Ochs, University of Virginia

 11:30 am Text Study

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Panel 3: Scripture and Politics

The Controversial Trinity: John Locke and the Political Boundaries of Scripture  — William Love, Emory University

 The Grammar of Muʿtazilism: A Study of the Relationship between Qurʾānic Language and Muslim Theology in the Commentary of Jār Allāh al-Zamakhsharī (d. 538/1144) — R. Brian Siebeking, University of Virginia

Scripture in Politics: Abraham Kuyper’s Appropriation of Calvinism in Educational Policy —Brett LaPrad, Westminster Theological Seminary

Occupy the Jubilee: John Howard Yoder, Scripture, and the 99%  — Nathan Hershberger, University of Virginia

Respondent: Charles Mathewes, University of Virginia

 4:00 pm Closing Words and Reception


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